Frequently Asked Questions

  + What type of wood are your products printed on?  

We use quality FSC-certified European Birch plywood. While helping you create your beautiful pieces of art, we can still play our part for the environment. 

  + Is your print durable?  

Yes of course! Our wood prints are also heat and water resistant, making them a pleasure when it comes to housekeeping. A dry cloth is all you need for a simple wipe down. You can also just use a feather duster. It's that easy!

  + What type of photo will look best when printed on wood?  

We strongly recommend lighter-toned photos as they really showcase the wonder of printing directly on wood. The lighter the colours in your photo, the more you can expect the unique wood grain to characterize your final print.

Dark-toned photos are also welcomed. The nature of the wood will give your photo an added level of warmth and vibrance. Look forward to a surprise! 

  + Will my wood print look exactly like my photo/illustration?  

Never the same because it only looks better! Printing on wood gives your print a distinct character when unique grain patterns show through the lighter colours in your image. Also, printing without any white will give your images a warmer and earthier tone. 

  + What file format can I use?  

Please use an image with high resolution, preferably 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher. We accept image formats in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and .tif. Also, try your best to use a photo of the best resolution! The higher the resolution, the sharper your prints ;) 

  + What should the size of my photo be?  

Submitting a photo in the same dimensions or larger than the selected size of your wood print will result in good quality prints. Similarly, a small photo will cause your prints to be pixelated and underwhelming.

Not to worry if you’re unsure, we will inform you firsthand should we notice a problem with the photo quality of your order :) We only want the best for you! 

  + Can I customize the size of my wood prints?  

We do offer custom sizing if there's a particular size/ratio you are looking for that we do not have listed on our website. Production time for this special order will vary.

Do feel free to drop us an email or contact us via the form here :)  

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  + How do I clean my wood print?  

A cloth dampened with water is all you need for a simple wipe down. Our wood prints are heat and water resistant, making them a pleasure when it comes to maintenance.

  + How do I mount my wood print on the wall?  

All wood prints come ready with minimally designed Portrait and Landscape slots on the back. You can easily slide your custom photo wood print on to a nail or wall screw. Wall mounting screws will be included upon request.

We recommend Wall Mounting Tapes if you're not looking to have permanent drillings in your walls.

  + How long is production?  

Current production time: 2 - 3 weeks

Production takes between 3-5 working days during non-peak seasons. Production time for peak season is estimated to be between 2-3 weeks.

  + How do I place a wholesale / corporate order?  

For corporate and wholesale inquiries, please drop us an email / contact us via the form here :)

  + I need to print and ship very urgently.   

We'll love to do our best to make it work! Drop us an email / contact us via the form here and we'll figure something together!

  + How do I upload an image for my order?  

You will find our "Order Guideline" on every product page so don't worry about anything going wrong there.
Nonetheless, here's a quick roundup on how to successfully upload your image using our Image Crop Editor & file uploading tool :)


► Select "Upload Image Here" tab in product page
► Click "Choose File" to upload your image


► Wait for image to load in the Image Crop Editor
► Your image may appear blurry / pixelated in the Crop Editor; but not to worry. All's well!


► Move and/or resize dotted box to define crop area
► To confirm, click on green tick


► Save to upload your cropped image

if all goes well in STEP 4,

► Preview of uploaded image will appear shortly
► If necessary, change quantity accordingly
► Finally, "ADD TO CART" and all is done for this print.

► Your order has been successfully added to cart!
Continue with more customizations or proceed to checkout.

► You can also check the quality of your uploaded image after adding to the shopping cart

But if STEP 4 didn't go too well..

► Simpy click on "X" to start from STEP 1 all over :)

It's that simple!

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  + What payment options do you provide?  

1. Credit / debit card payments
(For all domestic and/or international orders)

     - Currency conversions (if any) are automatically made by the respective credit companies upon payment and are accurate at time of payment.
     - All transaction fees will be absorbed by us :)

2. Payment transfer via PayNow, internet banking (iBanking), FAST and ATMs
(For domestic orders only)

     - Payment transfers from all local banks are accepted.
     - All required information for PayNow, iBanking, FAST and ATM transfers are stated in the email invoices for each order.
     - We seek your kind cooperation in providing the full set of information accurately for verification purposes. We reserve all rights to reject any orders without these details.
     - Kindly make payment within 24 hours to the stated account(s) reflected in the issued invoice.

     All prices are quoted in SGD.

  + Do you ship internationally?  

Yes, we do! We're based in Singapore but wherever you are, we'll go :)

  + What are your shipping options?  

Domestic orders will be delivered via a local courier.
International orders are handled by trusty SingPost, unless otherwise arranged.

  + How long does it take for my order to arrive?  

     - Domestic shipping typically takes between 1-3 working days to be delivered by a local courier.
     - International shipping will take 4 working days - 3 weeks, depending on the country destination and custom clearance.

Please feel free to track the status of your parcel with the article tracking number provided.

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