P E R S O N A L I Z E 

With a penchant for personalization, we combine the charm of natural wood grains, precious memories (or even artwork) into something that we love. It is not just love at first sight but one that would last forever.  No two pieces are ever the same because the grains will always vary; making them the fingerprints of wood logs. 

W O O D G R A I N  +  C O L O U R S 

At WONDERWOODWORLD, we use only the best of natural wood grain and colour found in premium European Birch. 

We print directly on wood to show the unique woodgrain through the photo and it goes on perfectly. The wood's natural colour and texture also gives our prints its' vibrant warm colours and earthy look. 

White ink is not involved in any of our printing; allowing the natural colour and grain of wood to shine through the intended portions of white/light colour tones. That means, the lighter the colours in your photo, the more visible the natural woodgrains will be. 

Think open skies and waves filled with natural wood grains.  

Q U A L I T Y  :  I N K  +  P L Y W O O D 

We employ the use of water & heat resistant inks on our plywood that is specially sourced and imported from Europe. Unlike Indonesian Poplar plywood which is widely available locally, our Birch plywood is a beauty itself boasting of natural colour, grain, weight and construction consistency.

Using high quality FSC-certified premium European Birch plywood, this enables us to have your memories and artwork presented in their best versions.

Coved edges also allow our wood prints to cast a drop shadow; giving them an elevated look at wherever you're displaying them.

Beautiful colour, grains and display elements assured.

F I N E  C R A F T S M A N S H I P

Precision in every degree of cut and incision made in our birch plywood. Then sanded to perfection, the craftsmanship for each piece of our wood print makes it wonderful. 

It only gets better with the flexible options of displaying your prints on a stand* or hanging it right up the wall. We undergo rounds of stringent checks to ensure that your prints hold up without a fault.  

*For most wood print sizes; up to 14 inches

F O R  T H E  E N V I R O N M E N T 

Our Premium European Birch plywood are also FSC-certified. We're all out for doing good to our environment while doing good with your gifts :)