Hello there :) 

We're only small hobbyists of this humble business and we're expecting a big change in our lives anytime in October 2018 - a baby! 😊

During this time of transition, we will stop accepting orders for wood prints so that we can concentrate on being good parents (we'll do our best!). 


Fret not, it's not goodbye!

WONDERWOODWORLD will and is definitely still around, looking forward to the time we can return to create wonderful wood prints for you :) 


We will also still be replying to your emails (just slightly slowly) so you can always drop us a message HERE :)  Let us know a month in advance if you have anything in mind and we'll see if all's well. Who knows, we might be ready to make an exception for you sooner than you think! ;)


P.S. We're not sure if we'll make it in time for Christmas orders this year. Do stay tuned to our updates on Instagram :) 



Till then.. it's a "See you again!" and may the rest of your year be just as wonderful :) 


Thank you so much for your love and understanding!

We look forward to creating many more wonderwood moments with you!